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the very first online magazine for perfume storytelling, founded in 2013.

Our goal is to redefine the way you speak and think about fragrance.

SCENTURY was initiated by Helder Suffenplan and since then has become a reference in the world of perfume — for industry insiders, aficionados and all other humans interested in all things beautiful and sensual.

With the help of creative writers and visual artists SCENTURY translates perfume into stories and images — a language everyone understands. A global network of creative innovators and fragrance experts helps us keep you up-to-date with everything fragrant.

SCENTURY is also a platform for the creative personalities behind the brands — perfumers and founders — who share their passion for fragrance with you in interviews and collaborations.

We hope you like what we’re doing — may the scent be with you!


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 The Founder


scentury founder helder suffenplan


SCENTURY founder Helder Suffenplan with Friedrich Liechtenstein, James Heeley, Ramón Monegal Jule Vetters and DJ Hell (clockwise).


Helder Suffenplan studied art history and design before moving to Berlin to start his career as an independent creative consultant.

During many award-winning projects Helder has worked with leading creative personalities including Julian Schnabel, Peter Saville, Wim Wenders and James Franco. He has been a contributor for publications such as Interview Magazine, Qvest, Séduction and novum.

Since childhood Helder has had a particular passion for perfume. With the launch of SCENTURY, Helder has become a recognized authority in the global world of fragrance. As a writer he links his favorite topic, perfume, to areas as diverse as contemporary art, the popular history of literature and film, and geopolitics.

Helder has been a jury member for the following perfume-related awards:

Prix International du Parfumeur Créateur, Paris
The Arts & Olfaction Awards, Los Angeles
Duftstars – German Fragrance Foundation, Berlin.



Photographers, Writers, Experts & Friends


contributor photographer franziska taffelt

Franziska Taffelt, 


… was born and raised in Berlin where she also lives and works today. She has a passion for human beings and their mysterious behaviours — the strange, secret things of life. It’s candid, it’s poetic, it’s realistic.




portrait photographer per zennström



… is a photographer and filmmaker exploring the intersection of fashion, photography, technology and new media and the space where they meet, mix and match with business. He also has the bragging rights of a 10h 33mins at Ironman.




contributor photographer michael donath

Michael Donath, 


… says he is grateful to be a photographer because it allows him “to completely get lost” in his work. In the course of his successful career he has been working for illustrious clients such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Spex, Knoll, Aveda and Playboy (!).




portrait photographer rosa merk


… studied photography at Lette Verein Berlin and since then has focused on reportage and portrait photography. Her search for mesmerizing images, interesting people & places has made her travel through many countries all over the world.




portrait perfume expert bodo kubartz

Dr. Bodo Kubartz


… is a well-established figure in the perfume industry. He organizes perfume events for clients, offers public relations and communication, and conveys his multifaceted knowledge through various publications.




portrait photographer holger homann



… is a man of many talents: parallel to his career in publishing he has been working successfully as a photographer for many years. His work is inspired by both the classics of reportage photography and the light scenarios of painters like Caravaggio.




If you want to collaborate or contribute, fell free to send a message.

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