BOTANIQUE by La Biosthétique: all-natural and scented by Tanja Bochnig.

SCENTURY is giving away 3 sets of 5 products each from La Biosthétique‘s new all-natural skin and hair product range BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE. For the fragrances of this product line, La Biosthétique teamed up with award-winning Tanja Bochnig, one of the most accomplished perfumers when it comes to all-natural scents. To learn more about this exciting project we spoke to her and to La Biosthétique head of development, Dr. Christian Ader.

La Biosthétique BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE giveaway

The power of nature for your body, your soul — and your nose.


perfumer tanja bochnigTanja Bochnig created the scents for the new BOTANIQUE line. Photo: ©Pavel Becker courtesy of Tanja Bochnig.


Talking to our readers about the importance of the scent of a skin care or hair care product would be preaching to the choir. You wouldn’t be here reading this article, dear perfume lover, if you weren’t one of those picky customers who look for both a strong performance and a sophisticated scent in a shampoo or facial cleanse. And when it comes to natural cosmetics, these qualities are particularly hard to find: How many times have you been excited by an all-natural product, only to find out that it smells of that generic vanilla/lemon combo? Yes, we thought so.


It takes time, money and talent.


The reason for this is obvious: it takes both a budget and time to develop high-grade ingredients for creating sophisticated, all-natural perfumes for hair and skin care products — things most companies cannot or will not invest in. But there is something — or rather someone — else you also need: a talented perfumer with significant experience in dealing with natural ingredients. For the development of their new BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE range, La Biosthétique was committed to ticking all three boxes; enter Tanja Bochnig, award-winning creator of botanical perfumes, acclaimed expert in aromatherapy, and founder of April Aromatics.


Tanja Bochnig: “BOTANIQUE has been a perfect match!”


We were eager to learn more about this collaboration, so we talked to her and to La Biosthétique’s head of development, Dr. Christian Ader. What was Bochnig’s reaction when La Biosthetique approached her? Was she familiar with the brand and their products? “Yes, indeed” she told us. “The hair salon Goerner and Company in Berlin, which I regularly visit, is a La Biosthétique concept salon. I always thought the whole concept was very classy and elegant.”

“When Dr. Ader reached out to me,” Bochnig continued, “my heart skipped a beat. I was very excited, because this completely reflects my lifestyle. Not only is the new line all-natural, but it is also vegan and certified with the ICEA seal [certificate by The Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute]. I was able to create and work on something that reflects my values in life, something I strongly believe in. It was a perfect match!”


Dr. Christian Ader: “Paying homage to the power of nature.”


Turning to Dr. Ader, we were keen to know how the original concept behind the line came about. “Whenever possible, we prefer natural active ingredients,” he replied. “We are convinced that active ingredients that adjust themselves to the nature of hair and skin achieve the best results in the long term. With the new BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE range we remain true to this tradition while also taking it one step further. The line pays homage to the power of nature, with skin and hair care products which are highly effective thanks to the exclusive use of valuable plant essences.”

How long did it take to develop the line from the first idea to the actual launch? We asked Dr. Ader. “Some ideas for an all-natural line had been pursued by our research & development team before. But the initial idea of BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE, as we see it today, dates back two years. It took countless trials and elaborate product tests in collaboration with independent institutes until the products were ready to launch.”


dr. christian adler la biosthetiqueDr. Christian Adler, responsible for the development of BOTANIQUE at La Biosthétique. Photo courtesy of La Biosthétiaque.


The BOTANIQUE challenge: all-natural, vegan and halal …


What were the main differences in developing a scent for a product line in comparison to developing a personal fragrance? We asked Tanja Bochnig about the process. “Creating a scent for a product line differs very much from creating a perfume,” she explains. “When I create my own perfumes for my brand April Aromatics, I am free to choose whatever ingredients I want, as long as they comply with EU allergen regulations.

“With LA BIOSTHETIQUE, I was given a theme and also guidelines that I had to strictly obey. For example, the scent has to appeal to a wide range of users, both male and female. But the biggest challenge was that it had to be halal for the Middle East market.” Why has this been particularly difficult? “It meant there could not be the tiniest trace of alcohol. But some essential oils, absolues, or natural isolates do contain natural alcohol. So I had to be extra careful choosing the ingredients.”

“Natural scents possess unique olfactory charisma.”


Apart from the absence of synthetics, what other advantages does Bochnig see in using natural scents for hair and skin care products? “Natural scents possess unique olfactory charisma,” explains the Berlin-based perfumer. “In addition, they can also be antibacterial, boost the circulation, strengthen the immune system, calm the body or relax tight muscles — and this list is infinite.”

BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE comprises both skin and hair care products, which is rather unusual. Dr. Ader explains why La Biosthétique decided on this approach: “La Biosthétique follows a Total Beauty concept. At the hair salon, it’s not only about styling, and not even just about hair. It’s also about the scalp — and from there, thinking about facial skin follows naturally. That is why we wanted to create a line that meets the individual needs of both hair and skin.”


Gentle, Intense and Balancing: The Total Beauty concept.


The PURE NATURE line consists of three product groups: GENTLE, INTENSE and BALANCING. What are the main differences? “All active ingredients in the INTENSE product line have an invigorating effect: life, strength, good mood — in a word, intense. The most important active ingredient is an extract of ginseng that not only contains carbohydrates, peptides, and minerals, but also special saponins known as ginsenosides,” elaborates Dr. Ader. What was Bochnig’s olfactive concept for the INTENSE segment to enhance this effect? “This blend features a fresh composition with a slightly fruity lemon component. The mint I added regulates the oil of the sebaceous glands, while lemon gives the hair shine,” she explains.


la biosthetique botanique shampoo


A soft summer breeze of lavender and lemon.


And what about the GENTLE line? “GENTLE represents mild care and cleansing with calming extracts of ginkgo and other valuable plant extracts,” Dr. Ader tells us, to which Bochnig adds: “Lavender is the primary component, a plant treasured in herbal medicine for its calming properties on body and soul. Lemon and rose geranium perfectly complement the lavender blossom. The blend celebrates the calming effect of plants — a soft summer breeze that gently caresses your hair and skin.”

“The products from the BALANCING line are perfume-free and can easily be combined with all other offerings from the range,” says Dr. Ader, completing our tour through the BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE product line.

Thank you very much, Tanja Bochnig and Dr. Christian Ader!



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La Biosthétique BOTANIQUE PURE NATURE giveaway

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