Such a classic – forever now.

„Noble simplicity and quiet greatness“, was how the distinguished German scholar Johann Joachim Winkelmann (1717–1768) described, on the wake of the age of classicism, the beauty of ancient Greek art. Little did he know that much later archaeology would discover the old Greeks actually covered their statues in ornate layers of colorful paint.

All that abstraction and delicate pureness generations of European artists admired so much was basically little else than a misunderstanding. The course of time as well as the elements of nature had rendered the colorful, sometimes gaudy surfaces of Venus, Nike, Laocoön and Hermes into the silken marble skin we today associate with antique sculptures, sometimes leaving not much more than a head or a torso to posterity. The maimed Gods and heroes, their scarred strength and beauty serve, in our view, as a reminder of human vulnerability, inviting us to discover beauty and serenity in the incomplete and marked.

Creative director Liam MacGowan teamed up with photographer Elodie Farge to create a vision of elegance, serenity and timelessness. The stunning works of Marina Mankarios serve as centerpieces in this production. Mankarios perpetuates the iconography of ancient Greek art, adding a modern and very contemporary viewpoint. What a truly worthy and gracious stage for a selection of classic and elegant fragrances. Enjoy!  


ART DIRECTION: Liam MacGowan@liam_mc_gowan

PHOTOGRAPHY: Elodie Farge@elodie_farge_photography

SCULPTURES BY: Marina Mankarios@marinamankarios


Touched by eternity:

The constant beauty of classicism.


01. Chanel: No.5 Eau De Parfum

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“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

—Coco Chanel


PERFUMER: Jacques Polge
YEAR: 1986



02. Acqua Die Parma: Sandalo

acqua di parma sandalo

“Eternity does not mean infinite time, but simply timelessness.”

—Elif Safak


PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2016



03. Tom Ford: Oud Minérale

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“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

—Audrey Hepburn


PERFUMER: Shyamala Maisondeau
YEAR: 2017



04. Boucheron: Place Vendôme

placke Vendome by boucheron Paris

“Returning to the source is serenity.”



PERFUMERS: Nathalie Lorson, Olivier Cresp
YEAR: 2013



05. Giorgio Armani: Sí

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“Acknowledge the elegance of simplicity.”

—Giorgio Armani



PERFUMER: Christine Nagel
YEAR: 2013




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