This sleek device takes home fragrance to a new level!

If the words “home fragrance” make you think of dusty, half-burned scented candles or rancid reed diffusers, we have news for you: there is a new generation of devices that provides home fragrancing with luxurious scents and adjustable settings to match any room. Plus, the diffusers have a sleek, high-tech design. One of the most promising products in this arena might by Aera, developed by Prolitec, a global leader in home scenting.


Combining technology and the art of perfume”


“Entering an Aera-scented space is a sensory encounter unlike anything experienced before; unlike any of the traditional home scent devices and methods. This is what we set out to do,” explains Richard Weening, Chairman & CEO of Prolitec. “Aera marries technology and the perfumer’s art to give control to the user and fill spaces with the perfect rendition of a master perfumer’s creation.”

aera home france devicesAera’s sleek high-tech design. Photo courtesy of


A powerhouse team of top noses.


And indeed, Aera has gathered a powerhouse team of top noses from the world of fine fragrance, among them luminaries like Annie Buzantian (Giorgio Armani White, Marc Jacobs Dot), Sabine de Tscharner (Kenneth Cole Black), Christophe Laudamiel (Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren), and Raymond Matts (Cerruti 1881 Femme, Chloé Narcisse). They all rose to the challenge of creating a range of signature scents to cultivate distinctive ambiances while also suiting many moods and varied personal taste.


perfumer sabine de tscharnerPerfumer Sabine de Tscharner. Photo courtesy of


“First I think about what emotions the fragrance will trigger.”


Sabine de Tscharner has spent the last 25 years living out her childhood dream — to be counted among the world’s leading perfumers. She has developed several signature fragrances for Aera, including this year’s limited-edition holiday fragrance, Glow. What does she have in mind when first creating a home fragrance? “I think about what emotions the fragrance will trigger. The occasions where scent will enhance the enjoyment of the moment. I also think of color. For example, shimmering gold is what I had in mind for Glow,” says de Tscharner.

Raymond Matts, mastermind behind top-selling fragrances such as Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds and Clinique’s Happy, describes the difference between Aera fragrances and other scents in the home fragrance market: “In the world of fragrance you get what you pay for. The Aera is a game changer because we focused on using higher quality, raw materials or notes that we knew our competition could not afford to use. This allowed us to be creative in designing scents that have their own unique signature.”


fragrance designer raymond mattsPerfume designer Raymond Matts.  Photo courtesy of

High-tech home fragrance to “awaken an air of mystery”.


What about the technical aspects — what makes Aera different from conventional home scenting devices? Prolitec claims unlike traditional home diffusers that distribute scent sporadically and unevenly, Aera’s patented technology allows for continuous, controlled release of all ingredients in droplets so fine that the result is like a dry vapor. No additives or residue here — just fragrance that extends evenly throughout a room up to 2,000 square feet, promises the company.

At the moment, Aera has 11 different fragrance capsules available, which encompass a wide range of moods and occasions. Vibrance invites you to “plunge into an intoxicating tropical paradise of gardenia, ylang-ylang, and tuberose”; Curiosity evokes “carefree summer days through notes of citrus, crisp pear, and luscious florals”; and Poetry uses woody notes of eucalyptus, vetiver, and guaiac to “awaken an air of mystery.” Check out Aera’s website for further details and stay tuned for new olfactive additions to the line!


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