Project Renegades: All for one and one for all!

Geza Schön, Mark Buxton, and Bertrand Duchaufour bring danger and excitement to the world of perfume. It may look like Quentin Tarantino’s latest blockbuster — but it’s perfume! The three fragrance heroes teamed up as Project Renegades to infuse the world of fragrance with danger and excitement. “Project Renegade is all about letting fantasy run wild and not taking yourself too seriously,” Geza explains of the collaboration’s philosophy. Mark adds: “To me most scents are not daring enough and we want to be the ones who change that.”


perfumes project renegadesThe three fragrances from the Project Renegade line. Photo: Project Renegades.


To Bertrand the goal of Project Renegades is to be nothing less than groundbreaking: “Project Renegades is not just edgy, it’s over the edge”. The threesome has playfully unleashed their creativity in three perfumes that we dare you to check out. The elaborate packaging design is a bold mixture of eccentric typography and psychedelic patterns — not least the bullet holes in the box. The bottles bear little metal vignettes on their front depicting the avatars of the three renegades.

The scents are available in select perfume stores. To learn more about the three scents go to the distributor’s website at

Here’s the brand’s brief description of the three scents:


01. Project Renegades by Mark Buxton

mark buxton from project renegades

Photo: Project Renegades

A hint of smouldering, gunslinger romance: Mark Buxton lets a smoky leather rose blossom at the heart of his fragrance, and frames it with woody and spicy notes.

Top: Basil | Lentisk | Black Pepper | Cassis-flower |Galbanum
Heart: Bay | Rose | Leather
Base: Labdanum | Guaiacwood |Vetiver | Amber


02. Project Renegades by Bertrand Duchaufour

bertrand duchaufour from project renegades

Photo: Project Renegades

An olfactory ride through the wide plains: Bertrand Duchaufour opens his fragrance with zesty pink pepper and continues it with incense and hinoki, leading it to the ocean where it finishes in a bracing aquatic breeze.

Top: Bergamot | Pink Pepper | Cardamom | Gin | Cassis | Galbanum
Heart: Red Berries | Frankincense | Hinoki (Japanese pine)
Base: Fir Balsam | Driftwood | Amber


03. Project Renegades by Geza Schön

geza schön from project renegades

Photo: Project Renegades

This fragrance is hot and spicy – literally. Geza Schön, a true renegade of the perfume world, focuses on the pink pepper tree and has breathed new life into it, from berries to bark to leaves.

Top: Pink Pepper Oil | Pink Pepper Absolue | Cassis | Lemon |Lime | Bergamot
Heart:  Fir | Juniper | Osmanthus Absolue | Hedione |Hedional | Orris Absolue | Maté
Base: Iso E Super | Cedarwood | Sandalwood | Labdanum | Incense | Moss | Myrrh | Castoreum | Musk Ambrette



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