Discover 7 inspiring Daddy Scents.

The olfactive joys of fatherhood

For upcoming Father’s Day, SCENTURY curated and photographed a selection of fragrances. Here, our top seven scent-worthy images of dads: gentle, strong, caring, sexy, and inspiring. Enjoy!

01. Eight & Bob: Egypt.

egypt by eight and bob

For those who always pictured their distant father as an adventurer: cardamom, nutmeg, dry sandalwood, and earthy patchouli on the suntanned skin of Laurence of Arabia.


02. Serge Lutens: L’Eau Froide.

The solid-as-a-rock father who you could always turn to: mint, cedar wood, and cooling incense from Somalia convey the image of worldly ease and poised self-assuredness.


03.  Technique Indiscrète: My Burning Secret.

my burning secret by techniques indiscrete

The mystery man in the crowd: herbaceous citrusy masculinity softened by amber and tonka bean channels the image of a clean-shaven Gregory Peck facing the evils of the world.


04. Mona di Orio: Cuir

cur by mona di orio

Forbidden territory: you’re five years old and should be sound asleep. But music, the sound of chatter from the library, and the smell of cigar smoke had you peeping through the crack in the door.


05. April Aromatics: Ray of Light.

ray of light by april aromatics

Sunday morning and the living is easy: sun beams dance on the lime-washed floor, as daddy sits in his wingback chair, reading the paper and listening to Charlie Parker.


06. Le Galion: Special For Gentlemen.

special for gentlemen by le galion

If your father was Yves Montand, this 1947 classic would linger in your room after he kisses you good night, rushing off to perform at the Olympia in front of tout Paris.


07. Dunhill: Icon.

icon by dunhill

This Dunhill fragrance has the impact of a Trojan horse: a creamy but clean scent inside a heavy metal flacon that looks like it dropped from the engine of a Lamborghini.

This post has first been published in March 2015.


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