Rich textures – the season of plenty

The infinite variety and richness of late autumn and winter brought to you in one series of perfume still lifes. In an elaborate photo session in London, the creative duo and longtime contributors Nocera & Ferri shot six carefully selected fragrances that are a perfect choice to carry you through the darker time of the year. Enjoy this ode to the many diverse and often divergent facets the cold season.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Nocerra&Ferri@noceraferri

RETOUCHING: Nicole Frost, @retouch_of_frost


An infinite variety of shapes and textures

6 selected perfume beauties for a perfect season



01. Beso Beach: Beso Pasión

Best Beach perfume still life

Beso Beach is a perfume house that celebrates the mediterranean life style. Beso Pasión, one of the latest offerings from the brand, is a perfect way to infuse the dark time of the year with some summer joie de vivre. The intensely fruity sweetness of the fig, juicy and sun-drenched, is at the center of this gourmand and soft creation, paired with earthy patchouli and precious cedar wood. The result is an olfactive aphrodisiac worthy of its name Beso Pasión, an expression that needs no translation.


PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2021



02. NOUT: Davana Sauvage

Davana Sauvage by Not perfumes

A modern and fruity chypre, Davana Sauvage features carefully blended ingredients from all over the world to capture the best of nature in a bottle. Ambrette seeds from El Salvador, lemon and bergamot from Italy, Vetiver from Haiti and patchouli from Indonesia are just some of the precious materials – not to forget davana, the aromatic herb from India and namesake to this perfume.


PERFUMER: Laure-Leta Jacquet
YEAR: 2021



03. Vilhelm Parfumerie: Smoke Show

Vilhelm parfumerie smoke show

“Vibrant spotlights, smoky rooms, the brassy notes of a saxophone. Leather and rose take center stage with base notes of agarwood, vetiver and saffron,” with these words, founder Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren describes the creative concept behind Smoke Show. Doesn’t this sound like a cosy late autmn afternoon to you? Master Perfumer Jerôme Epinette selected pink pepper, saffron, rose for the top and middle notes as well a soft leather, vetiver and precious woods for the base note to create this woody spicy beauty.


PERFUMER: Jerôme Epinette
YEAR: 2015



04. D:SOL: Terram

winter fragrance with d:sol perfumes

At D:SOL it’s all about Mallorca, queen of the Baleares and place of longing for many sun lovers from Northern latitudes. Terram pays homage to the time when most of the tourists have left the island and life gets more contemplative and tranquil: “Voices coming from the beach are long gone. The Mediterranean welcomes autumn. It is oh so quiet up here. A scent captures it instead. Sweet aromatic notes of dry soil and Mediterranean pines are floating in the air. Warm, woody, silent – a fragrant memory that is here to stay.”


PERFUMER: Marie Le Febvre
YEAR: 2020



05. Diptyque: Tokyo

rich texture winter perfume diptyque

A unique woody floral perfume, like a garden in a bottle. This olfactive still life with earthy and vegetal notes of beet root, fresh-cut branches and vetiver, sweet Turkish rose and airy incense has been inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Tokyo creates an intimate connection between indoor-life during the cold season and the natural world outside – just like a beautiful flower arrangement.


PERFUMER: Alexandra Carlin
YEAR: 2021 



06. Carner: Botafumero

botafumero by carner Barcelona

Botafumero is the name of a famous beautifully crafted censer swinging from the ceiling of the Santiago de Compostela cathedral, used on high religious holidays to fill the air with the heavenly aroma of precious incense and resins. According to Carner Barcelona, Botafumero is a “deep and compelling mystical perfume that makes tribute to the cultural and religious roots of the Old Continent.” Notes of berry, nutmeg and sandalwood add to form this divine fragrance, perfectly fitted to the cold and damp months of autumn and winter.

PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2018



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