Gifts of nature – bottled for you

Fruits and leaves and flowers and sticks — Berlin photographer and long-time contributor Klas Foerster has created for us a series of still lifes that have been entirely inspired by the gifts of nature. What a beautiful parallel between photography, the art of making things look good, and perfumery, the art of making things smell great! We curated six perfumes loaded with natural beauty we think you ought to know. Enjoy!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Klas Foerster, @klasfoerster


6 perfumes loaded with natural beauty.

In a still life series by Klas Foerster.



01. Guerlain: Mon Guerlain

mon guerlain perfume

For the creation of Mon Guerlain, in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser was inspired by “the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity.” Together with co-creator Delphine Jelk he conceived a self-confident scent radiant with positivity. Some of the prominent ingredients in this amber woody composition are, from head to base, lavender, iris, jasmine, rose, vanilla, coumarin, sandalwood, licorice, and patchouli.


PERFUMERS: Thierry Wasser, Delphine Jelk
YEAR: 2017



02. Goutal: Nuit Étoilée

nature in perfumery

“A majestic forest. Ice-cold streams flow between the trees. The aromatic scent of pine needles warms the air. Large, flat stones beckon you to stretch out on a carpet of bark and moss to gaze at the stars through the canopy of trees.” Perfumers Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen transpose this nocturnal vision into a magical blend of citron, sweet orange, peppermint, fir balsam and Siberian pine, floating over a soft base of iris, amber and tonca bean.


PERFUMERS: Camille Goutal, Isabelle Doyen
YEAR: 2012



03. Boucheron: Santal de Kandy

Santal de dandy by boucheron

A gentle woody fragrance with spicy undertones of fresh cardamom and black pepper that Boucheron describes as a journey „into ancient lands with noble scents”. Join us on this trip to the land of jasmine and powdery violet petals. You will be rewarded with the distinguished texture of intoxicating sandalwood, patchouli and cedar in the base of this perfume creation.


PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2018



04. La Perla: My Day

La Perla My Day perfume still life

La Perla’s My Day is taking self care seriously and blends feelings of serene confidence with sensations of tingling excitement: “It’s time to take the limelight. With a surge of glowing pride, you realise that the hard work was all worth it. You’ve earned your prize, so now it’s time to indulge. That’s My Day.” To achieve this effect perfumer Dominique Preyssas married the elegant and highly-prized iris flower with the individuality of the radiant pink pepper.


PERFUMER: Dominique Preyssas
YEAR: 2021



05. Dolce & Gabbana: The One

Dolce & Gabbana The One nature perfume

This floral-fruity amber composition was created for a charismatic woman that instantly draws attention when she enters a room. Here’s the magic formula: “It opens with fresh yet soft mandarin, litchi and peach. The heart blends notes of jasmine, lily of the valley which graciously intertwine with a fruity plum note. The woodsy-powdery base is a texture of vetiver root, amber, musk and vanilla.”


PERFUMER: Christine Nagel
YEAR: 2006



06. Salle Privée: Super 8

super 8 by salle privée in a perfume still life

Super 8 celebrates the iconic motion picture format of the same name used in the 60s and 70s to capture countless home and family movies, and its retro, raw, arty aesthetic. Tanja Deurloo used spicy and warm cardamom, ginger and pink pepper as well as smoky incense, sandalwood and leather to transfer this grainy and raw handheld reminiscence to a pre-digital age into perfumery.

PERFUMER: Tanja Deurloo
YEAR: 2017



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