Sunny Side Up — Juliette Has a Gun’s sexy summer scent.

Romano Ricci, grandson of perfume legend Nina Ricci and founder of the Italian brand Juliette Has a Gun, has added a new offering to his arsenal: Sunny Side Up. The fragrance celebrates beach life, good vibes, and the color yellow. Illustrator Jamie Cullen created a series of playful images to accompany the launch.

Illustration Juliette has a gunThe Sunny Side Up attitude as seen by illustrator Jamie Cullen. Image: courtesy of Juliette Has a Gun.

Romano Ricci: “Sunny Side Up is a yellow scent!”


Summer is not over yet, and this fragrance will add an extra spot of happiness to September’s glowing, golden days. “The idea was to create a perfume that provokes happiness and positive emotions,” explains Ricci. “To me, Sunny Side Up is a yellow scent — that was my first connotation.”


Happy Therapy.


With its warm sandalwood, salty undertones, and jasmine and coconut milk notes, Sunny Side Up indeed evokes memories of good times spent on sunny beaches. Salt water and sun lotion on tanned skin might very well have been the brief Ricci gave renowned artist Jamie Cullen to create a series of fanciful illustrations for the launch of the brand’s latest fragrance.


perfume illustration by jamie cullenSmell the Ipanema vibe! Illustration by Jamie Cullen. Image: courtesy of Juliette has a Gun.


Visualising the perfect summer day.


Cullen chose seemingly innocent details and radiant objects only to turn them into something erotically charged. Think sunny side up eggs or the breasts of an Ipanema girl. This playful approach works perfectly for a fragrance that aims to put a smile on your face. Add this Sunny Side Up attitude to your beach bag and get going on your endless summer 2017.


perfume flakon sunny side up

Image: courtesy of Juliette has a Gun.


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