A world beyond – olfactive new horizons

Perfume can take you anywhere — transport your mind and senses to any exotic destination on planet earth or make you travel back in time to revisit fond memories. Photographer Armin Zogbaum teamed up with the set designers at Studio Rifa to prove, that scent can even lift you to a distant world beyond our known universe and make you explore new sensorial horizons.

Discover 6 reality-bending olfactive creations in this new and exclusive still life series to watch the sunset over the glistening helium oceans of Orion, or admire the mesmerising ballet of spheres at Tannhäuser Gate. Enjoy!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Armin Zogbaum@arminzogbaum

SET DESIGN: Studio Rifa, @studiorifa

COLOR GRADING CLIPS: Olivier Yoshitomi


Scent from beyond

The sky is not the limit.


01. Casa de Coca: Paq’os

Paq’os pays tribute to the mystical power of the Inca priests to conjure the balance of inner and outward energy. A blend of fresh spices and leafy green effervescent accords invoke the coca leaf like a mysterious whisper from the Inca realm.

Casa De Coca German-Peruvian founder Beatrice Graf grew grown up with both cultures, she now lives in Munich. Her desire to capture the history of the Inca in unique fragrances led to a collaboration with master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. Because of its intimate ties with Peru, Casa De Coca supports initiatives focusing on education.

PERFUMERS: Bertrand Duchaufour
YEAR: 2021


02. Ormonde Jayne: Montabaco Verano, Montabaco Flor 

Ormonde jane montabaco fragrance

Two version of Ormonde Jayne’s modern classic Montabaco united in one still life: Verano is a seductive and profound scent of leather, wood and tobacco leaf with a good measure of grapefruit and a dash of cashmeran for added bravado and sensual creamy dry down.

Flor has been created to celebrate Londons iconic Fortnum & Mason and is exclusively available at their Picadilly Store and from their website. With its floral notes of freesia, jasmine, water lilies and orange flowers it is a stunning example of Ormonde Jayne’s vision to merge “the quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French perfumery and the sensuality and natural harmony of the Orient”.

PERFUMER: Linda Pilkington
YEAR: 2020


PERFUMER: Linda Pilkington
YEAR: 2022


03. Narciso Rodriguez: For Him Bleu Noir


“I love blue so dark that it appears black. I like black which takes depths of dusk”, explains designer Narciso Rodriguez. To translate this concept into an olfactive composition he teamed up with perfumer Sonia Constant. The result is a refined and pure creation, at the same time elegant and mysterious. The distinctive musk at its core is intensified with hints of nutmeg and a touch of blue cedar. A seductively smart scent, For Him bleu noir has what it takes to become a timeless classic.

PERFUMER: Sonia Constant
YEAR: 2015


04. Pierre Guillaume: Morning in Tipasa 7.2



This fragrance has been inspired by one of the perfumer’s favourite texts, Wedding in Tipasa by Albert Camus. In his essay, the author vividly depicts the summer, the rites of youth in Algeria’s costal town Tipasa with its Roman ruins and the sea below and the beauty of bodies under the sun:

‘The words of Camus resonate in my head and my mind wanders among the remains scattered between sea and mountain, listing the Algerian flora: bergamot trees, wild lemongrass, peppermint, Mediterranean pine and jujube tree in the ‘sun-blackened’ countryside. Diving in the water from the rocks, one morning in Tipasa …

PERFUMER: Pierre Guillaume
YEAR: 2021



05. Fo’ah: Memoires d’une Palmeraie 17

another world foah memories dune palmairie

Mémoires d’une Palmeraie 17 imagines the story of a Japanese traveler along the Silk Road. As he rests in the welcoming shade of an oasis, the delicate scent of the cherry blossoms he took with him floats into the Palms above him, intertwining with their scent. A joyful, sparkling, irresistibly seductive creation.

Fo’ah’s signature note, which infuses each of the brand’s compositions, derives from the phoenix dactylifera palm, a natural treasure of the Middle East. “At the fleeting moment of its flowering, it exudes a scent unlike any other,” explains founder Émilie Dewell.

PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2018


06. BDK Parfums: Rouge Smoking 


With Smoking Rouge, perfume house BDK Parfums captures the unique atmosphere of Parisian neighbourhood Pigalle at nightfall with its famous-infamous bars and nightclubs : “The sky becomes misty letting the red light of the mill glimpsing through the window. The horns sound and the spirit of celebration comes to the city. In front of her mirror, she’s getting ready and doing her makeup. It’s time for beauty to go on stage.”

This ambery creation opens with bergamot from Italy, a seductive cherry accord and pink berries, before black vanilla and heliotrope take over. Ambroxan, cashmeran, tonka bean, and white musk form the base of the composition.

PERFUMER: Amélie Bourgeois
YEAR: 2018




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