Semi-Tones – the shades of life

More often than not the loud and chatty gets all the attention, not the subtle and nuanced. This applies to individuals as well as to objects and art, and it’s certainly true for fragrance. In a world glutted with information and stimulus, how could this be a surprise?

To notice and appreciate the semi-tones and gradients of beauty it takes a more quiet environment — just as you won’t be able to listen to your own heartbeat until the noise and shouting stops and the dust finally settles like particles of dirt in a glass of water.

This is exactly what photographer Amadeus Dziwisz together with set designer Gosia Białobrzycka achieved with this breathtaking series of perfume still lifes: create a serene and minimalist stage to make the nuances and undertones of 7 hand-selected fragrances heard — and smelled. Enjoy!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Amadeus Dziwisz, @amadeusz_dziwisz

SET DESIGN: Gosia Białobrzycka, @gosia_bialobrzycka

SAMPLES BY: moodscentbar, @moodscentbar


Living in the nuance!

7 perfumes to celebrate the gradients of life.



01. Nasomatto: Blamage

nassmatt Blamage perfume

Perfumer and happy Enfant Terrible of fragrance, Alessandro Gualtieri calls Blamage an “unwise and unfortunate creation caused by bad judgement”. Behind this suspiciously modest self-incrimination there’s a beautifully crafted wintery scent with well-balanced birch, white woods, musk and leathery notes,

PERFUMER: Alessandro Gualtieri
YEAR: 2014


02. Stora Skuggan: Moonmilk 

stora skuggan perfume moonmilk

Inspired by a geological phenomenon Swiss naturalist Conrad Gessner described in the 16th century — a luminous liquid that forms inside a cave of Mount Pilatus on full moon — Moonmilk celebrates the subtlety of woody-spicy notes such as sandalwood, leather and cardamom, blended with fresh and clean traces of lily of the valley and lime. 

PERFUMER: Tomas Hempel
YEAR: 2017


03. Filippo Sorcinelli: Pioggia  Moderata

nuance perfume editorial

Pioggia is the Italian word for rain. There are many forms and types of this common weather phenomenon and in his Pioggia collection Filipo Sorcinelli has dedicated scents to three of them, to be continued. Pioggia Moderata describes a rainy day, when the sky above, the asphalt below, and everything in between seems to be drained in countless shades of grey. And as we’re talking about a rainy day the city of Milan, these notes of grey and greige are elegant, sophisticated and utterly inspiring.

PERFUMERS: Filippo Sorcinelli
YEAR: 2022


04. Filippo Sorcinelli: Opus 1144

nuance editorial opus 1144

Another creation by perfumer Filippo Sorcinelli, that will be your perfect companion for the darker and colder time of the year. Sorcinelli found inspiration for this blend in architecture and art from the Gothic period, a time of heartfelt inwardness enabling intense artistic expression. On a complex base of ambergris, benzoin and musk, float precious cashmere wood, iris and elemi.

PERFUMER: Filippo Sorcinelli
YEAR: 2015


05. Nasomatto: Nudiflorum

nudiforum fragrance by nasomatto

Nudiflorum is an olfactory intimacy, says the nose behind this scent, Alessandro Gualtieri. He continues: “It is an interpretation of a feeling of being touched. A slender touch of a bare skin that penetrates through the surface and becomes a part of you.” The olfactive translation of this sensual and very sexy sensation is created by a masterfully executed blend of raspberry, rose and rhubarb, hovering over a soft base of leathery-animalic notes, cedar and oak moss.

PERFUMER: Alessandro Gualtieri
YEAR: 2018



06. Pigmentarium: Azabache

azabache scent by pigmentarium

Azabache is the Spanish word for jet, a gemstone that has been very popular in the 19th century for its absolut blackness. The scent comes in an opaque pitch black bottle that “symbolises the depth of night, intimacy and spirituality of the inner world.” As you know, even in the darkest night you will perceive nuances and shadows when your eyes adapt and you start to with all your senses. A blend of three different rose oils, accompanied by a pinch of pink pepper and verbena in the head note and vetiver, olibanum and civet in the base.

PERFUMER: Jakub F. Hiermann
YEAR: 2021



07. Nasomatto: Narcotic Venus

Narcotic by nasomatto

According to Alessandro Gualtieri, Narcotic V. is an essay about femininity, the shapes and forms of the female body and the smell of their skin (obviously, the V. stands for Venus). To achieve the narcotic and seductive effect of this irresistible concoction, Gualtieri used animalic white flowers such as tuberose, Jasmin and lily. Precious spices ad depth and mystery.

PERFUMER: Alessandro Gualtieri
YEAR: 2009



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