In the making – layers of reality

“Reality is negotiable,” lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss says. London photographer duo Will Morgan and Martin Slivka, aka WILMA, took this quite literally and teamed up with set designer Maya Angeli to create this editorial and challenge your perceptions. In an elaborate process they layered print outs of beautifully styled still lifes with additional props and handpicked fragrances.

After all, isn’t perfume the perfect reality-bender? Just a whiff of it can transport your mind to any place and make you experience things that aren’t actually there — or are they?


PHOTOGRAPHY: WILMA, Will Morgan & Martin Slivka

SET DESIGN : Maya Angeli


A dream within a dream!

Discover this selection of reality-bending scents.



01. Escentric Molecules: Escentric 03

Escentric molecules still life

Escentric 03 is a spicy but fresh chypre with warm balsamic undertones, sensuous without sweetness. It opens with refreshing notes of ginger root, green peppercorn and Mexican lime. The heart is centered around orris surrounded by Egyptian jasmine and soft tea notes. The base is composed of vetiver as key ingredient, sandalwood, cedar, leather and musk.”

(Escentric Molecules)


Lime, Ginger, Green Pepper


Tea, Orris, Jasmine


Vetiveryl Acetate, Virginia Cedar, Leather, Sandalwood, Musk

PERFUMER: Geza Schön
YEAR: 2010



02. Gallivant: Naples

Naples by gallivant perfume London

“Charming Neapolitan decadence, salty sea air and smoke. Fresh and spicy in the opening, with bergamot from neighbouring Calabria, sea salts and airy ozonic notes. Followed by a smoky heart with incense, fumencens and labdanum, and a woody base of guaiac wood, vetiver and amber.”



Pink Pepper, Ozonic Notes, Sea Notes, Ginger


Labdanum, Incense, Fumencens, Cardamom, Olibanum


Birch, Vetiver, Guaiac Wood, Clearwood, Patchouli, Amber

PERFUMER: Luca Maffei
YEAR: 2021



03. Contradictions in Ilk: Libertine

Libertine by contradictions in ilk still life

“This scent story is set in a palazzo in Venice, home to Cassanova. Lacking in moral principles, a sense of responsibility or sexual restraint — dare you be in his presence? With one hand you might pass him a single rose, with the other remove your mask and dash it into the canals below.”

(Contradictions in Ilk)


Bitter Orange, Cognac, Wax


Orange Flower, Dark Rose, Cumin, Saffron


Leather, Amber, Dark Woods

PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2020



04. Ormaie: Marque-Page

reality perfume editorial with marque-page by ormaie

The light playing with shades of terracotta. Marque-page is a unique scent that wanders between spices, leather, incenses and white flowers.



Incense, Davana, Artemisia, Orange Blossom


Leather, Geranium, Jasmine, Iris


Sandal Wood, Leather, Smoke, Vetiver

PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2021



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