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“Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor,” English poet William Cowper (1731–1800) said. We believe this applies in particular to aromas and scents. That’s why we asked long-time contributors Photographer Joseph Saraceno and Creative Director Wilson Wong, to create another series of still lifes to celebrate perfumes whose olfactive pyramid features a manifold selection of spices and flavors from around the globe. Joseph and Wilson have just been awarded one platinum and three gold awards at the Graphis Photography Annual 2022 for their previous editorial for SCENTURY — congratulations!

We hope this selection of 12 incredible olfactive masterworks inspires you to add some spice to your life and savour each and every minute. Enjoy!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Joseph Saraceno, @josephsaraceno

CREATIVE DIRECTION & STILL LIFE STYLING: Wilson Wong, @wilson_off_figure_styling


Spice it up!

12 scents that add zest and flavour to your life.



01. Stora Skuggan: Silphium

Silphium by Stora Skuggan

“Silphium was a plant that grew in the area of Cyrene, present day Libya, and was widely renowned as a spice, medicinal herb and perfume ingredient throughout the empires of the classical antiquity. It was praised by Greek philosophers and writers, as well as cookbook authors.”

(Stora Skuggan)


Silphium Accord, Cistus


Black Pepper, Ginger, Geranium, Clove, Cinnamon, Tobacco


Frankincense, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Leather

PERFUMERS: Olle Hemmendorff, Tomas Hempel
YEAR: 2017



02. Hermetica: Cedarise

cedarise by hermetica

“An ode to the emblematic namesake tree, in all of its facets. The beauty and richness of nature is expressed through cedar essence and musk molecule. The scents of roots and earth given by the vetiver oil enlight the vegetal aspect of its character. This fragrance is like a dream under a cedar tree.”



Cypress, Cedar, Vetiver, Woody Notes, Musk

PERFUMERS: Philippe Paparella-Paris
YEAR: 2018



03. Ex Nihilo: The Hedonist

the hedonist by ex nihilo

“A journey without any final destination. An energizing slice of ginger spices up bergamot and triggers a fresh thrill. Deep notes of cedarwood associated with vetiver from Haiti bring strength, while musks melt with akigalawood® and leave an intoxicating signature on the skin. In the end, the ultimate experience is simplicity.”

(Ex Nihilo)


Ginger, Bergamot


Akigalawood, Cedar


Musk, Vetiver, Tonka Bean

PERFUMER: Jordi Fernández
YEAR: 2021



04. Les Sœurs de Noé: Bohemian Absinthe

perfume still life with les sours de noe

Bohemian Absinthe recalls the muffled frenzy of the Bohemian years in Paris at the end of the 19th century. Green muse of fresh eucalyptus perfume yet smoky with vetiver roots, it carries us away to the Latin Quarter exhaling the heady aromas of leather and wood.”

(Les Sœurs de Noé)


Eucalyptus, Cumquat


Apple Blossom


Sandal Wood, Leather, Smoke, Vetiver

PERFUMERS: Jérôme Epinette, Pierre Wulff
YEAR: 2019



05. Jusbox: Black Powder

spicy perfumes jus box

“An unexpected olfactory melody made of interrupted sounds, full volume and contrasting notes. On a leather accord, Julien Rasquinet sculpts loud blackcurrant and rebellious pimento notes. Crispy apple hints convey the romantic and bohemian side of Kurt Cobain’s soul, exploding into an intense, deep, mysterious and sensual fragrance.”

(Jus Box)


Apple, Black Current, Pimento


Suede, Tobacco Leaf, Olibanum


Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Sandalwood

PERFUMER: Julien Rasquinet
YEAR: 2017



06. Mona di Orio: Tabaceau

tabaceau by mona di orio perfume

“A study on smouldering tobacco.”

(Mona di Orio)


White Thame, Tobacco Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Liatrix Absolute, Oak Absolute

PERFUMER: Fredrik Dalman
YEAR: 2019


07. Serge Lutens: Fille En Aiguilles

perfume still life featuring serge lutens

“Sunny, resplendent, its resinous sap leads us to the foot of a pine tree full of cicadas. In this arid landscape resounds the endless stridulations of these insects with their golden elytra: chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi … The latest chi-chi of Parisian girls in (pine) needle heels!”

(Serge Lutens)


Pine, Incense, Dried Fruits, Balsam Fir, Spices, Bay Leaf, Vetiver

PERFUMER: Christopher Sheldrake
YEAR: 2009



08. Maison Violet: Compliment

maison violet compliment fragrance

“Whether in the reflection of a mirror or after a personal reflection, in the individuality of a crowd or isolated from everything: compliment yourself. Whether it is for you or for others, expected or sudden, offered or received, there’s only one thing to say: compliment yourselves. Because a compliment is a priceless gift, a piece of lightness snatched from the divine to redden the cheekbones and soften the lips. “

(Miason Violet)


Orange Blossom, Palmarosa, Freesia


Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Tuberose


Benjoin, Vanilla

PERFUMER: Nathalie Lorson
YEAR: 2021



09. Matière Premiere: Falcon Leather

falcon leather by aurelien guichard for matiere premiere

“The Initial idea was to create a leathery scent inspired by falconers’ gloves. The creative approach: Exacerbate the power of the note at the start thanks to Saffron. Unfold and enrich the texture of Birch Tar to evoke both sides of leather: highlight the smooth full-grain side with Ciste Labdanum, amplify the soft suede side with Benzoin Absolute.”

(Matière Premiere)


Saffron, Labdanum


Birch Tar


Benzoin, Agarwood (Oud)

PERFUMER: Aurelien Guichard
YEAR: 2019



10. Atelier Materi: Santal Blond

atelier matera santal blond

“Sacred tree, sandalwood is a peculiar exotic wood. Once distilled, powerful velvety, creamy notes with smoky undertones are unleashed. After a fresh and spicy opening carried by the cardamom, Lucas Sieuzac pairs the sandalwood with rich floral jasmine notes and warm Tonka bean accents. A gentle and luminous sandalwood with a discreet elegance.”

(Atelier Materi)


Bergamot, Cardamom


Jasmine, Sandalwood


Hinoki Bourbon, Tonka Bean

PERFUMER: Lucas Sieuzac
YEAR: 2019



11. Perris Monte Carlo: Santal Du Pacifique

Santal Pacifique by Mathieu Nardin for Perris Monte Carlo

“In the blue Pacific, where Asia meets Oceania. Here we found the tree we were looking for, the original. The wood of the sandalwood tree has the power to reawaken the mind. Warm, woody, velvety notes are interwoven with floral hints. Wearing it today is a sweet, exhilarating experience that frees the mind and opens the way to our deepest layers of conscience.”

(Perris Monte Carlo)




Creamy, Orchid, Violet, Gurjum Balsam


Sandalwood, Musk

PERFUMER: Mathieu Nardin
YEAR: 2016



12. Floraïku: The Moon And I

the moon and i by floraiku

In the world of dreams
the moon and I
contemplating night flowers.

“The Moon And I, a combination of mate absolute, matcha tea extract and cedarwood oil is a rich and smoky black tea scent. Profound and bright as the moon can be.”



Bergamot, Mate, Tea


Black Tea


Guaiac Wood, Cedar

PERFUMER: Sophie Labbé
YEAR: 2017



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