SUMMER EscENTIALS 2018: A perfect place!

Summer is finally here, and with it we are excited to bring you our 2018 SUMMER EscENTIALS: 10 charismatic scents for a quintessential summer season. Our exclusive photo shoot will take you to a place of surreal beauty — and hopefully inspire your next holiday. Imagine daring futuristic architecture against the backdrop of nature’s abundance: clear-cut shadows of palm leaves cast on whitewashed stone walls, the rippled surface of a pool mirroring a ridiculously blue sky, everything in chorus with the rhythmic sound of the nearby ocean.

Our exotic imagery of summer perfection has been captured by award-winning photographer Ragnar Schmuck (New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar). Ragnar told Scentury that he loved the challenge of translating something as ephemeral as perfume into something visual — and we gave him plenty of freedom during the shoot to fold in his own summertime memories.

The stunning sets for this series were created by Berlin-based freelance stylist and set designer Boris Zbikowski (AD, L’Officiel, Icon), who came from a career in fashion with brands such as Selfridges, Nicole Farhi, and Prada in London and Milan. Boris cites Antaeus by Chanel as his first fragrance, throwing it back exactly 33 years.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ragnar Schmuck
SET DESIGN & SYTLING: Boris Zbikowski


A perfect place!

Discover 10 essential summer perfumes.


01.  Diptyque: Eau Mohéli

Eau moheli by diptyque

This green, spicy, and restrained eau de toilette paints a naturalist’s picture of the ylang-ylang flower, grown and harvested on the island of Mohéli in the Comoros archipelago.

YEAR: 2013
PERFUMER: Olivier Pescheux



02. Tauer Perfumes: PHI — Une Rose de Kandahar

PHI rose de Kandahar by taker perfumes

The Afghan rose oil used in this masterpiece is extremely rare and precious. Its echoes of spice, plum, and flower petals make PHI a special summer companion.

YEAR: 2013
PERFUME: Andy Tauer



03. Nasomatto: Absinth

perfume still life absinth by nasomatto

Absinth has often been referred to as “The Green Fairy.” In this case, the lady comes dressed in an ethereal weave of moist herbal, grassy notes, with a hint of vetiver embroidery.

YEAR: 2007
PERUMER: Alessandro Gualtieri



04. Claus Porto: Agua Vetiver & Agua Fougère

claus porto agua di colonia

From the beautifully redesigned line of colognes by Claus Porto (founded in 1887), we chose bracing Agua Fougère and exhilarating Agua Vetiver to accompany you through a perfect season.

YEAR: 2018
PERFUMER: Lyn Harris



05. 2787 Perfumes: Hamaca

hamaca perfume by 2787

Not a care in the world with this soft, laid-back scent by the beautiful name Hamaca, which means hammock in Spanish. Let it swing!

YEAR: 2017
PERFUMER: Shyamala Maisondieu



06. Van Cleef & Arpels: Neroli Amara

2018 summer escentials with neroli Amara by van cleef and arpels

Just when the heat reflected by the pavement becomes unbearable, this invigorating and refreshing citric concoction will save your day!

YEAR: 2018
PERFUMER: Quentin Bisch



07. Gritti: Tangerina

Tangerina scent by gritti

Gold and turquoise — like the sun and the sky and the ingredients of Tangerina: radiant mandarin, ginger, and lemon combined with airy jasmine and cedar. What a summer beauty!

YEAR: 2018
PERFUMER: Luca Gritti



08.  Pierre Guillaume: Komorebi

komoren scent by Pierre Guillaumeperfume still life with komorebi by Pierre Guillaume Paris

The enchanting vegetal lightness of this latest offering by Pierre Guillaume has been conjured by an armful of fresh leaves, collected during a romantic forest stroll.

Year: 2018
Perfumer: Pierre Guillaume



09. Vilhelm Parfumerie: Stockholm 1978

stockholm 1978 by Vilhelm parfumerie

The first-ever meeting of tennis Gods Björn Borg and John McEnroe at the 1978 Stockholm Open: golden brown skin, tennis whites, and a midsommar sun that never sets …

YEAR: 2015
PERFUMER: Jérome Epinette



10. Art de Parfum: Gin & Tonic

2018 summer escentials with gin & tonic by art of perfume

No drinks before 5 o’clock! It’s a good thing gin is not a drink but a fortifying medicine, strongly recommended on hot days, in the tropics or otherwise. Cheers old chap!

YEAR: 2016



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