Grains of gold – in search of olfactive treasures.

In a world cluttered with images, ideas and things it gets increasingly difficult for us to make valid choices. Zooming in on what is often branded as an Eldorado of unlimited opportunities you soon discover that only few of the glittering offerings match what you really need or want. The one way to find these rare grains of real gold in the pile of rhinestones and brass is to follow your intuition. Let your instinct guide you to what makes your heart smile! 

That’s what long time contributors photographer Joseph Saraceno and creative director slash still life stylist Wilson Wong had in mind when they teamed up with prop stylist Suzanne Campos to create this series of four striking perfume still lifes: reduced to the max, focused on what makes a really beautiful fragrance. And for those of you with a soft spot for symbolism: note that each flacon features features some trace of the precious metal, be it in it the cap, the label or a little charm attached to the bottle.

Enjoy your search for olfactive treasures and follow the traces of gold!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Joseph Saraceno, @josephsaraceno

CREATIVE DIRECTION & STILL LIFE STYLING: Wilson Wong, @wilson_off_figure_styling

PROPS: Suzanne Campos, @suzcam


Go for gold!

In search of olfactive treasures.



01. Aedes De Venustas: 16AOrchard

16A oracgard by aedes de venustas

Do you remember what it feels like when your life is about to change? What about how it smells? 16A Orchard marks a moment of rebirth, a skin scent that adapts to its wearer with revered, natural roots. It was commissioned to celebrate AEDES PERFUMERY’s reinvention and move to 16A Orchard Street, on New York City’s ‘Lower’ Lower East Side, a vibrant area that attracts a hip and diverse crowd, puzzling with create crackling energy and excitement.


PERFUMER: Frank Voelkl
YEAR: 2021


02. Scents Of Wood: Praline In Maple

olfactive treasures with Praline In maple by Scents Of Wood perfume

This eau de toilette with a concentration of 15%  is a treat for all gourmand lovers, explains brand founder Fabrice Croisé:This fragrance exudes the addiction of maple syrup and intrigue of mysterious woods. Cedarwood Atlas has an earthy, woody leathery aroma with hints of balsamic sweetness while Peru Balsam is laced with notes of vanilla, chocolate, and even a trace of white floral intoxication.”

PERFUMER: Natasha Cote-Mouzannar
YEAR: 2021


03. Nakuna: Musta

Musta by Nakuna olfactive gold

Nakuna Helsinki was founded in Finland in 2019 by Anu Igoni and Jaakko Veijola. The two of them describe Musta as “a stimulant fragrance of two opposites” that reveals to the wearer “a fierce smoky heart enveloped by vanilla. The serenity of cooling black incense and tar combined with the sensuality of spicy oriental warmth.” This scent is decidedly unisex!

PERFUMERS: Yann Vasnier
YEAR: 2020


04. Les Fleurs Du Golfe: Night Flower

Les fleurs du golfes, les princes du golfes perfume

“Even in the darkest night, when everything seems blue and gloomy, there are certain people that seem to shine and radiate a mysterious light from within,” is the brand’s explanation for the inspiration behind this perfume. This unique creation celebrates the power of fragrance to spark and inspire the inner light in all of us.

PERFUMER: unknown
YEAR: 2019


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